• Alubra certification

    The aim of certification is to increase the company trustworthiness in the eyes of the customers and business partners. It additionally introduces rules into all activities inside the company and sets standards in the quality management system in order to prevent defects and inaccuracies.

    Alubra certification


Alubra s.r.o is a holder of the internationally recognized certificate ISO 9001, which defines requirements on the quality management system.

ISO 9001

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New milling center with 5 axes. New milling center with 5 axes.

A new milling center with five axes using a built-in tilting table has been added to the machine fleet. This machine allows us to meet the requirements of customers who need to produce parts of more complex shapes. Specifically, this is the high-quality HERMLE C 400 center.

Brand new cooling tower fill TYPE 30.0 Brand new cooling tower fill TYPE 30.0

We are introducing a brand new cooling tower fill type 30.0, which is designed to be used especially in cooling towers with poor water quality.

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