Brand new cooling tower fill TYPE 30.0

Brand new cooling tower fill TYPE 30.0 Date: (31.10.2014)
  • counter flow cross-fluted cooling tower fill.
  • Minimazing the risk of clogging the fill.
  • Recommending for application with poor water quality.
  • Steady water distribution with maximum cooling performance.


Of the radiator filler type 30,0
Material of film PVC
Fill size (standard) 2400(2000) x 500 x 30 mm
Thickness of film 0,35
Height of wave 30 mm
Hydraulic loading (spray intensity)  
Heat exchange surface  
Maximum operation temperatures From -50 až +60oC
Weight of cooling fill 19,98 kg/m3
Connecting of fills to blocks Connecting elements
Material of connecting elements HDPE
Block size (13pcs of fills) 2400(2000) x 500 x 400 mm
Packaging – pallet 2400 x 1000 mm 2500pcs of fills


drawing of the radiator filler

New milling center with 5 axes. New milling center with 5 axes.

A new milling center with five axes using a built-in tilting table has been added to the machine fleet. This machine allows us to meet the requirements of customers who need to produce parts of more complex shapes. Specifically, this is the high-quality HERMLE C 400 center.

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